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Simply the BEST Universal Electronic Tachometer Calibration Unit Money Can Buy!

Exclusive Features:

  • Easy To Use HUMAN READABLE Adjustments - No Lookup Tables or Dip Switch Settings!
  • Calibration Ratio Range from >99:1 to 1/99:1 or .010101:1.
  • Can be Used to Reset or Modify Transmission Shift Points and Other Tachometer Related Systems.
  • Compatible With Any Distributer, Sensor, MSDS (Multi-Spark), Aftermarket Ignition System or Speed Signal Without Adjustment!
  • Rugged Output Drives Virtually Any Electronic Tachometer!
  • Indicator LED's Confirm Input, Power & Output Signal Functions Making Your Installation & Trouble-Shooting A Snap!
  • Designed to Exceed OEM Automotive Specifications for Temperature, Vibration, Electrical Spike & Short Circuit Protection.
  • Easy to Readjust for Multiple Setups.
  • Built-In Test Oscillator Helps in Installation & Calibration.
  • No Output When Engine is Not Running, Preventing Confusing Signals for Other Units such as Auto Start and Engine Computers.
  • Good For Engine Control, Cruise, Transmission Control, Tachometers & Electronic Modules.
  • Only 2.25" X 2.5" X 1.0" & Very Easy to Install - Includes Complete Documentation.
This unit remains installed on the vehicle to be calibrated.